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An update, from the gal who called LE

I have received this from the gal who thinks she may have seen Maura.

It seems that LE does not take this seriously.

A detective from NH State PD just called. Asked a few questions, the basics, DOB what I saw etc and said ok, if I happened to see this girl/young lady again to give them a call and they would have one of the "VT guys" come over.

Please make your voices heard...and God bless you for your compassion for Maura and her family.

With love and hope, Lanie
Help For The Missing
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Guest book can be signed here, scroll to nottom of page, please

Printable flyer
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We need your help in the search for Maura

Dear friends and family,
I received a tip in one of my mailboxes that a lady in Vermont had seen a young woman resembling missing Maura Murray just a few days ago. After a few e-mails with this gal and much prayer, she finally decided to contact the New Hampshire State Police Dept. that is handling Maura's case and report the sighting.

I have just been informed that the police do not consider this a "solid" lead and have not even followed up with a phone call to Kathie, the lady who thinks she may have seen Maura walking on her street.

I need all of you to take action to save Maura's life. This is the second sighting of Maura ALIVE reported within a week and both are within only mere miles of the accident scene.

Please call the New Hampshire State Police at (603) 846-3333 and speak to either Sgt. Todd Landry, Sgt. Bob Bruno or Lt. John Scarinza and make your voice heard that you want them to investigate the "sighting of a girl near Wells River between South Ryegate and Woodsville/Haverhill by a lady named Kathie, immediately, because it could be Maura Murray".

Ask them what they would do if Maura was their child? Wouldn't they want every viable lead to be pursued? Ask them to have mercy on this family and go out and find Maura.

If you cannot make the call and have access to a fax machine, contact me for that number and you can reach them in writing.

Copy this to word and send to all on your list BCC and in the TO field put your own address, to protect your list from SPAM.

Thank you, on behalf of the Murray and Rausch families. Maura is so loved and so missed. Y'all are the BEST search angels in the world, and I love each of you so much. Now, let's make our voices heard and get the Police Dept. to move on this lead.

With love and hope, Lanie
Help For The Missing
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There is another missing 21 yr old here in NH. She disapeared in February when she got in single car accident and when police arrived she was gone. I was just reading more about her when I came across this site. I am terribly sorry for all the families that have to cope with the disapearence of a loved one. I am 22... and the story of Maura and Brianna Maitland hit so close to home. And all of these girls are so pretty. I just cant express how I feel. All of these girls will be in my prayers.
Kelly Jolkowski
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A friend of the family is making this request...please help:

"The Caledonian Record is currently running a poll through Saturday, January 1 for the most important story of the past year.

Options are: The Phish concert.
Red Sox win the world series.
The Devenger brothers.
The disappearances of Maura Murray and Brianna Maitland.

Currently votes for the disappearance of Maura and Brianna are next to last.

Please, let's let the readers in NH and VT know that we place more importance on life than sports or concerts.

Please go to http://www.caledonianrecord.com/ to vote.

Thank you on behalf of the Murray and Maitland families."

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Thank you Kelly.  I have gone and voted and hope others will do so as well.

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I checked out the voting and it seems many people have voted!

The score shows the Maura Murray/Brianna Maitland disappearances at 820, and the Red Sox winning at 430.

People care!!!
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Kelly Jolkowski
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Family and loved ones have embarked on a letter writing campaign to New Hampshire's Governor John Lynch asking that he listen to the pleas of Fred Murray for NH authorities to assist him in finding Maura.

If you would like to help you can write the Governor and explain, in your own words, what you would like to see accomplished on behalf of Maura Murray. It is Mr. Murray's hope that the letters reach Governor Lynch during the week of February 7 to February 11, 2005.

The information below gives 3 options for contacting the Governor. Thank you very much.

Email through the following website: http://www.egov.nh.gov/governor/goveforms/comments.asp

Fax: 603-271-8788

Address: Governor John Lynch, State House, 25 Capital Street, Concord, NH 03301

Greater attention is paid to correspondence followed up by a phone call:

Telephone (603)271-2121

Thank you from the Murray and Rausch Families

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Thank you for the information.  I have written the governor.

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Today my family headed north to show support to Maura’s family.  This is a very difficult day for them, as everyday is, but today marks the one year anniversary of Maura’s disappearance.


This journey was shared with my son’s, a neighbor, and myself.


We were late as we could not find our way, however, as the old adage goes…  

Better late then never.


I had the honor of meeting and speaking with some of Maura’s family.  They are wonderful people.  I pray that this is the last anniversary marker they need to encounter.


The card that we made (large with a photo of Maura on the front & ribbons as the binder) opened to the thoughts and prayers of many.


Thank you EVERYONE that sent me the e-mails to be printed and added to the card.  Thank you EVERYONE that has thought and prayed for the Murray family.

Kelly Jolkowski
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Maura's story, "The All American Girl" is now featured on the Project Jason Voice for the Missing blog.

It is a story about a young woman who had it all: good looks, intelligence, and athleticism, but yet was humble and loving; the girl next door, you might say. We'll hear how her disappearance has effected family and friends and about the frustrations in the ongoing search for her in this weekend series. 

Be sure to help out the families of the missing by telling others about the blog. This is just another way we can reach out and let the faces of the missing be seen. We welcome appropriate website links. Other ideas are posting the blog link on other forums you frequent, and sending it out to your friends and family via email.

Thank you for helping us to help others.

Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
President and Founder,
Project Jason
Read our Voice for the Missing Blog

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i have seen maura murray in mexico
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has anyone followed up on the last sighting from ben dated january  2008 in Mexico?

Debbie Henwood
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I just watched the 20/20 from the other night. Why did I think that both of these cases had been solved? Why did I think that both of these girls had been found? I thought the two fathers had gotten together and solved the case themselves.
Did I dream that...or was that 2 other girls? I'm not psychic. But I thought...I distinctly remembered that one of the girls fathers had dark brown hair, and that the two fathers were in separate states. I thought I remembered them sitting together going through notebook after notebook of their notes. I thought I remembered that the fathers did everything themselves.

May be it was a dream I had a few months ago, may be not. May be it was an Oprah or something. May be not.

Was there another case like this one that was solved? Was the bad guy a redneck, blondish guy, 40 +/- years old.

I couldn't go to sleep tonight if I didn't ask.

I hope you are someone trustworthy that knows at least one of these fathers and
can answer these questions for me. A short line saying there was another case
that made national news would be sufficient. Otherwise...a phone call might be
in order.

I'm not a nutcase. I'm a 57 year old white woman who lives in Atlanta, Georgia in a very nice home on the Chattahoochee River. I'm just puzzled.

I don't know if I hope I'm right...or if I hope I'm wrong.

Most sincerely,


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